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In this "celeb baiting" Episode of JayHind : Veena Malik's love aftair with Jay Hind! continues! Whtever else you might say about her - she is a true sport. This time she subjects herself to Psychoanalysis in pure Freudian style - all on tape. But before that A recap of the Petrol Price Rise Saga. How everyone jumps on the bandwagon to criticize the rise in petrol prices however big or small they might be. Not to mention Mr. Advani who uses any opportunity to take out his favorite Rath. Then, Prasoon Joshi exposes the cliches of Indian Advertising Industry. With a little encouragement from the waked out Barakh Dutta of course. & Finally, Watch How India & Pakistan negotiate the SALE of Hafiz Saeed. Keep laughing & follow us on twitter for 24 hrs Live reaction to News around the world.
Episode 279  Thu, Jun 28, 2012
Epi.279-Of 4 Ps Petrol Prasoon Psychonalysis & Pakistan

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asskick   |   Jul 4 2012 1:00PM
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ilovefuckindianwhores   |   Jul 4 2012 1:08PM
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fuckerofindianfuckers   |   Jul 6 2012 8:20PM
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A   |   Jul 8 2012 4:16PM
Wonderful. Especially the interview with Prasoon J.
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