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Epi.278-Celebrity Sans Frontier
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In this "celeb baiting" Episode of JayHind : Veena Malik dares to come to Jay Hind! & Sumeet shows us that the world is now a "celebrity without borders" zone. We are not safe anywhere from the scourge of celebrity. Staring with a dig at Vidya Balan and her absurd sari comments & ends up explaining the life purpose of 5 celebrities. Then on to, Aamir Khan explaining to a misguided Sumeet why Bollywood cannot be accused of stealing from Hollywood. It''s just jade he says. Yes magic. Then we learn from Our Expert Celebrity Panel the various ways of using & abusing Celebrities as well as who can be called a celebrity & who just doesn''t cut it! Finally, meet Veena Malik like never before in one of her longest and deepest……chats ever. Keep laughing & follow us on twitter for 24 hrs Live reaction to News around the world.
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DATE: Sep 17 2014
We complete 375 Episodes with yet another "days of Future Past" Episode of JayHind : In the heat of Elections - we neglected many important matters like Sunny Leone''s modesty & Harman Baweja''s future. It''s time to laugh at many such exciting time..
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