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In this "get high one way or the other" Episode of JayHind : Our great country has a President & a Speaker who fly abroad more often than they are seen doing anything for the jobs they have been elected for. Here is a video that shows how wrong that notion is + Sumeet is stunned by Aam Aadmi''s reaction to the latest Petrol Price Hike. He actually loves and is in high spirits. never been better actually! Why? Why is the Aam Aadmi so effing happy? Then, Didi drops in for an Interview with Sumeet. And surprise! Doesn''t get angry even once! What''s the secret of her new found "JOY" ? Is there an Aam Aadmi Connection? & Finally, a journey into mindlessness - In the most useless Helpline of all time, watch Sumeet grappling with the problems of a Demolition Woman. Yes a woman - when she sneezes all hell literally breaks loose. Keep laughing & follow us on twitter for 24 hrs Live reaction to News around the world.
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DATE: Oct 4 2014
In this final "days of Future Past" Episode that brings to an end - Season Two of JayHind : Sumeet presents idiots. Idiots like these are our best friends. Without them we would have never been able to complete 5 Years of this Show. Another edition..
DISCLAIMER: This programme is not intended to hurt the sentiments of communities or individuals, living or dead, and is desired to be a satirical and humorous take on all things that appear in the pages of newspapers about the world and India in general. Think of it as a living breathing cartoon — like the ones published in newspapers. None of the words spoken in this show are to be believed to be true and you must verify all news reported on this show from an existing and responsible source. The writers, anchors and actors of this show plead insanity and as such cannot be held responsible for any views expressed on this show. We apologise to everyone in advance for the sad state of our wits. Please do not watch this show if your sentiments hurt easily or if you are below the age of 18. Parental Guidance is strongly advised. This is the fine print and the only fine thing about this show.